Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski Wife, Net Worth, Wiki

Captain Bill Wichrowski was first seen on Deadliest Catch, a discovery channel special featuring life about crab hunters. This fishing documentary has earned Captain Bill his fame and a fortune to go with it. Surprisingly, this legend declined the offer to join Deadliest Catch during its first debut in 2005. Only after its success and rising popularity; Captain Bill deems the show worthy. So, he participated in the sixth season. Please get to know his total net worth in 2021.

This article discusses Bill’s epithet, his relationship with his wife and sons, and more.

Net worth and Salary

As of 2021, Bill has an estimated net worth of over 3 million dollars. A good portion of his wealth is a result of his tv appearance. Moreover, recent leaks suggest that he earns $300,000 per annum on the show.

However, his tv career isn’t the only source of his wealth. In addition to being a captain in the seas and fishing well over twenty years in the Bering Sea is sure to land anyone a fortune.

Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski Wife

Bill is down for the count if you’re looking for your chance. He’s married to Karen Gillis, and they enjoy a great relationship. Before his marriage to Karen, Bill was in a relationship with some other women.

Bill Wichrowski smiling with his wife, Karen Gillis
Bill Wichrowski and his wife, Karen Gillis

Likewise, Bill has three children: Zack Larson, Delia Wichrowski, and Jake. Zack is the son of Bill’s ex-wife, and Larson seems to have the same surname as hers. As Zack grew up with his ex-wife, Bill doesn’t know much about his son. In fact, he is on the way to knowing his son better.

Captain Bill Wichrowski Wiki Bio

Bill Wichrowski tends to get employment by whatever means necessary. This has gained him the epithet Wild. Born on 4th May, the actual year holds no meaning to Bill in his old age. Bill doesn’t share his family details or date of birth. Originally from Irwin, Bill dreamed of joining the Navy ever since his childhood. After serving for four years on the west coast, he decided to go for a king-crab expedition in the Alaskan seas.

Bill Wichrowski with his son, Zack Larson
Bill Wichrowski and his son, Zack Larson

As a result of his detailed research, he was pretty successful in his career. In 2005, he was thinking of retiring. However, he shortly joined Deadliest Catch, knowing where it’ll reach. Even though he was hesitant at first, the appeal of the successful show turned him into a tv star.

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