Has Wicked Tuna Paul Hebert Died? His Wife/Kids, Wiki Bio

Paul Hebert is a commercial fisherman and the captain of the shipping vessel Wicked Pissah. In addition, he is also a part of the cast of Wicked Tuna, a reality television show that is shown on the National Geographic Channel. Paul stars alongside his brother Bruce who is his first mate. He has been a part of the reality show since 2012. Did he die or just a rumor? Find out. Also, read about his wife and kids here.

Age and Early Life

The birthdate of Paul Hebert is February 15, 1965. As of 2021, he is 56 years of age but still very active as a commercial fisher. He is a native of Marshfield, Massachusetts. His parents are Donald and Estelle Hebert. Paul comes from several generations of fishermen. Donald Hebert, his father, was hailed as one of the best fishermen on the East Coast.

At the height of his career, his father could catch up to 100 tunas per year. Estelle, his mother, was the grand slam winner of the Green Harbor fishing competitions. Paul’s family owned a fleet of fishing and lobster boats.

Paul Hebert Wiki Bio

Paul Hebert first joined Wicked Tuna in 2012. He was not yet the captain of his own vessel at that time. In the first season of the show, Paul was a crew member of the vessel F/V Tuna.com. He transferred to F/V Bounty Hunter in season 2. In the third season, he finally became the captain of the vessel Miss Sambvca.

Eventually, Paul transferred to the vessel, Kelly Ann. In season 5 of Wicked Tuna, he finally settled on the ship Wicked Pissah which he helms until this day. Paul finished second place in season 5 with total earnings of $104,600. In season 6, he still finished second with total earnings of $59,000. Finally, in season 10 of Wicked Tuna, Paul emerged as the champion with total earnings of $53,303. After ten long years in the show, Paul has finally bagged the top spot.

Wicked Tuna Cast, Paul Hebert with his friends
Wicked Tuna Cast, Paul Hebert with his friend, Dave Marciano and TJ Ott

Paul Hebert Wicked Tuna Wife and Kids

There is no information about Paul Hebert having a wife or any kids. It seems that the reality television star is still a bachelor until this day.

Paul Hebert Net Worth

The net worth of Paul Hebert is $400,000 as of 2021. He earns a substantial income from his participation in the show Wicked Tuna. It is reported that the captain earns a salary of $10,000 per episode.

Is Paul Hebert from Wicked Tuna Dead?

Paul Hebert is very much alive. However, his father recently died at a nursing home. The cause of death was COVID-19. Indeed, Paul was not at the death spot as he was quite busy filming the show, Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks.

From this eye-catching article, we came to know that Wicked Tuna Paul Hebert is not married to a wife and does not have any kids.

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