Is Angelica Marciano Gay? Age, Partner, Wiki.

Angelica Marciano is a television celebrity known for her role in the reality show Wicked Tuna on National Geographic. She is part of the crew of F/V Hard Merchandise, whose captain is her father, Captain Dave Marciano. Angelica is doing a man’s job in a very tough environment, and there has been speculation if she is gay. Find her age and partner here.

Age and Early Life

The birthdate of Angelica Marciano is August 15, 1992. As of 2021, she is 29 years old. She is a native of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The lady angler belongs to a family of fishers. Her father, David Marciano, is the captain of F/V Hard Merchandise and F/V Falcon. Nancy Marciano, her mother, also loves fishing.

In fact, she is the titleholder for the biggest catch in Stripe Back fish in Massachusetts. Angelica has two other siblings named Joe and Eva. Her brother Joe is also part of the cast of Wicked Tuna.

Angelica Marciano Wiki Bio

Angelica finished high school at Gloucester High School. Her father did not have a lucrative career as a commercial fisher at that time, so the family spent most of their vacation aboard his boat. In 2014, Angelica finished her Bachelor of Arts in Communication at the Newbury College in Brookline, Massachusetts. She minored in Psychology.

As a college student, she also took on a part-time job at her father’s company, Angelica Fisheries, which was named after her. Her job was to conceptualize merchandise and maintain the social media pages of the company.

Angelica Marciano along with father, Dave Marciano
Angelica Marciano, along with her father, Dave Marciano

After graduating from college, she took on corporate jobs. She has worked at Gap, Ralph Lauren, John Guilfol Public Relations LLC, and in some film outfits through the years. In 2020, her cousin Jay quit his job aboard his father’s ship, Hard Merchandise. Angelica decided to take his place as a deckhand and join his father and brother on Wicked Tuna.

Is Angelica Marciano Gay? Relationship Status?

Even if Angelica Marciano is doing a man’s job in the harsh world of commercial fishing, there is no confirmation that she is gay. She has never admitted in the past if she is gay or straight. Whatever her sexual orientation is, it is still very admirable that she can do a man’s job. The lady angler has to endure the rough seas and the cruel weather conditions on board her father’s fishing boat. There is also no information about her partner.

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