What Happened to Nicholas “Duffy” Fudge in Wicked Tuna

Season 10 of Wicked Tuna is already underway on the National Geographic Channel. And fans have noticed the absence of Nicholas “Duffy” Fudge. It appears that the star of Wicked Tuna died suddenly in 2018.

The Cause Of Death of Nicholas “Duffy” Fudge in Wicked Tuna

Nicholas Fudge died at the age of 28 years old and the details about his sudden death were very vague. The police never released the real cause of his death to the public. However, there were rumors that Fudge died of Decompression Sickness. These rumors are based on the stories of the local fishermen in New Hampshire where Fudge died.

Decompression sickness is also referred to as “the bends.” It is caused by inadequate decompression after being exposed to a high-pressure environment such as the deep ocean. This is a usual occurrence for deep-sea divers. While under high pressure, the body’s tissues absorb nitrogen from the oxygen tank in the same amount as the external pressure. If the pressure is reduced at a rapid pace, then the nitrogen creates bubbles in the bloodstream and body tissues. Abrupt decompression leads to paralysis and even death. Other symptoms of Decompression Sickness are numbness, joint pain, fatigue, and shortness of breath.

Nicolas Duffy Fudge is not alive
Nicholas Duffy Fudge

Nicholas “Duffy” Fudge Wiki Biography

The birth date of Duffy Fudge is August 1, 1989. He died on July 19, 2018, just a few weeks before his 29th birthday. Fudge is a native of Topsfield, Massachusetts. He finished high school at Portsmouth High School. He learned to love tuna fishing from his grandfather and father, who took him along on fishing expeditions at a young age. Their family business was hunting and selling tuna.

Through the years, Fudge gained experience and became one of the best in the fishing industry. At that time, National Geographic became interested in getting him to star in Wicked Tuna. He worked as the first mate of the ship Pinwheel under Captain Tyler McLaughlin.

Net Worth and Salary

Duffy Fudge had a net worth of $400,000 when he died in 2018. His income came primarily from his salary on Wicked Tuna. He also earned from his job as the first mate of the ship Pinwheel.

Nicholas Fudge Wife and Kids

The 28-year-old Fudge had no wife and kids when he passed away in 2018. However, he left behind his girlfriend, Ali Currier. She, along with his colleagues on the show, was deeply saddened by his unexpected death.

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