Wicked Tuna Cast 2021, Salary, Net Worth, Death

Wicked Tuna is one of the top shows on the National Geographic Channel. It first aired in 2012 and featured the lives of several local commercial fishermen in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The show has just completed its 10th season as of 2021.

About The Show: Wicked Tuna

Wicked Tuna is a reality television show that first aired on April 1, 2012. It followed the seafaring adventures of commercial fishermen as they hunted for tuna. The show features actual events as the vessels head out onto the unforgiving waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. The commercial fishermen featured on the show compete against each other on who is declared the most profitable vessel of the season. Wicked Tuna has already finished its 10th season, and there is still no news if it will be returning for the 11th season.

Wicked Tuna Cast and Net Worth and Who are Dead?

1. Tyler McLaughlin

Tyler McLaughlin is the captain of the vessel Pinwheel. He first joined the show on its second season. The renowned angler remains part of the show until this day. Tyler is a graduate of Nichols College in Dudley, Massachusetts. When he joined the show, his first mate was Fudge Duffy. However, he died suddenly in 2018, so Tyler decided to ask his sister Marissa to become his first mate. In addition, he owns a clothing line called Pinwheel Tuna.

Wicked Tuna cast, Tyler Mclaughlin

2. Dave Marciano

Dave Marciano is one of the original cast members of Wicked Tuna. He has been on the show since it debuted in 2012. The skilled captain of the Hard Merchandise has been part of the show from season 1 to 10. At present, his children work alongside him on his vessel. Dave is also an entrepreneur and owns a boat charter company called Angelica Fisheries and a clothing company called Hard Merchandise.

Wicked Tuna Star, Dave Marciano

3. TJ Ott

TJ Ott is the captain of the fishing boat Hot Tuna. He first joined Wicked Tuna on its third season and remains part of the show until today. At 20 years old, TJ was already the captain of Hot Tuna, the family-owned shipping vessel.

Wicked Tuna Cast star, TJ Ott

4. Dave Carraro

Dave Carraro is another original cast member of Wicked Tuna. He was already part of the show when it first aired in 2012. Until today, he remains one of the stars of the famous National Geographic show. Dave is the captain of the ship named F/V tuna.com. In addition to being a commercial fisher, Dave is also a commercial pilot under the airline JetBlue.

Wicked Tuna cast, Dave Carraro

5. Nicolas Fudge

Nicolas or Duffy Fudge was a crew member of the vessel Pinwheel under Captain Tyler McLaughlin. He first appeared on the show in the second season. His appearance on Wicked Tuna was cut short due to his sudden death in 2018. Decompression Sickness was the cause of his death.

Nicholas Duffy Fudge, Wicked Tuna

6. Sandro Maniaci

Sandro Maniaci is a crew member of the vessel F/V tuna.com under Captain Dave Carraro. He has been part of the show since it debuted in 2012. At present, Sandro has been part of Wicked Tuna for nine long years. In addition, Sandro is also an entrepreneur and owns a clothing line called Big Tuna Apparel.

Wicked Tuna cast, Sandro Maniaci

7. Brad Krasowski

Brad Krasowski is the captain of the vessel Fish Hawk. He was part of the show from seasons 6 to 8 as captain of FishHawk. However, his very first appearance on the show was in season 5. He first joined the cast of Wicked Tuna as a crew member of Wicked Pissah under Captain Paul Hebert.

Wicked Tuna cast, Brad Krasowski

8. Angelica Marciano

Angelica Marciano is the daughter of Captain Dave Marciano of F/V Hard Merchandise. She used to have a career in the corporate world, but her love for fishing eventually convinced her to join her father and brother aboard their fishing vessel. Angelica first appeared on Wicked Tuna in 2020, where she replaced her cousin.

Wicked Tuna Cast, Angelica Marciano

9. Paul Hebert

Paul Hebert is the captain of Wicked Pissah. He has been on the show since season 2, but he first appeared as a crew member. He was the captain of other vessels named Lisa and Jake, and Miss Sambvca. Captain Hebert remains part of the show until the current season. Bruce, his brother, is his first mate. Paul was declared the champion of Wicked Tuna Season 10.

Wicked Tuna cast, Paul Hebert

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