Sig Hansen Net Worth and Income Sources

Sig Hansen is the renowned face of the American TV show ‘The Deadliest Catch.’ Sig has been the lead cast and head Captain of the fishing vessel ‘F/V Norwegian’ since 2005 and has appeared in all its 17 seasons. Moreover, Sig is also the technical advisor of the show’s production team.

With a decade-long successful career, Sig has earned a significant amount of fans, supporters, and, most importantly, money. Thus, many followers want to know his exact worth and his primary sources of income. In that regard, the following article discusses Sig Hansen’s career and his net worth in 2021.

Sig Hansen Wiki

Born as Sigurd Jonny Hansen in Seattle, Washington, on April 28, 1966, Sig started fishing at the early age of 14. He was the eldest of three sons of his parents Sverre Hansen and Snefryd Hansen.

Sig started his fishing career from his father’s boat, working as a deckhand. He eventually worked his way up, and by 22, he was the relief skipper for captains of the boat ‘Northwestern.’ Since then, Hansen has consistently served on the ‘Northwestern’ as a full-time captain and pot cod fishery.

The TV star fisherman is married to his wife June Hansen and has three children with her. His eldest daughters Nina and Mandy Hansen are from his wife’s former marriage. However, Sig accepted both happily and raised them as his own. Sig also has his biological daughter named Melissa.

Sig Hansen with his wife, June Hansen
Sig Hansen with his wife, June Hansen

Sig Hansen Net Worth and Income Sources

Sig Hansen has been into the oceans and seas since 1980. Sig Hansen has come a long way from his father’s boat to becoming the captain of one of America’s biggest fishing boats. Sig’s four decades-long careers have earned him $5 million to date.

Hansen makes his earning primarily from his fisherman profession and his successfully running Discovery Channel TV show ‘The Deadliest Catch.’ He appears on different TV shows as a guest celebrity. Moreover, Hansen is an author and has published his book ‘North by Northwestern’ in March 2010. Talking of his income, Sig earns around $55,000 monthly from his shows, making his annual income over half a million.

Furthermore, in 2004, Sig received an award amounting to $250,000 from Discovery Channel. The 55-year-old is still active in his business and career, and thus his net worth will make a new high in the years to come.

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