Does Sig Hansen’s Wife June Hansen has Cancer? Love Life and Bio

Sig Hansen is the star fisherman and captain of Alaska fishing vessel ‘Northwestern.’ He is mostly famous for featuring as a daredevil captain of the Discovery TV reality series ‘Deadliest Catch.’ Moreover, Sig is also a passionate author and has already published his book.

Becoming a TV star for such a long time has made him very famous among the viewers. People want to know about every event occurring in his life. Recently, Sig’s well-wishers have been inquiring about his wife’s health. Does June Hansen have Cancer? We answer the question in the topics below and look into the couple’s life. Also, enjoy learning about their love life and Biography in this article.

Sig Hansen and June Hansen Love Life

The star fisherman married June Hansen in 2001. Sig has kept the details of his love life and marriage under wrap and rarely speaks of his life before marriage in any media. The TV star has not shared his love life and how he met with June.

However, we know that the couple is very much in love with each other. Before marriage, June was a single mother of two children, Mandy and Nina. Sig readily accepted her two daughters with love and gave them his last name. On the other hand, June has been incredibly supportive through the 21 years of their marriage life.

Sig is a good father and husband, alongside becoming a popular TV star. He shares his wife June, daughters, and grandchild images on his Facebook account Captain Sig Hansen.

June Hansen's daughters, Mandy and Nina
Mandy and Nina

June Hansen Wikipedia

Despite being the wife of a celebrity, June keeps herself away from all the spotlights. She does not like to appear on media and give interviews. Furthermore, she is not active on social media. Thus we do not have her birth and early life details. We know that she had two daughters from her first marriage prior to meeting Sig Hansen.

June Hansen with his husband, Sig Hansen
June Hansen with his husband, Sig Hansen

Moreover, after marrying Sig, June has occasionally appeared in her husband’s show. And while she seems to keep herself busy caring for her husband and her children, she also has her profession. June is a trained makeup artist. The star’s wife has recently worked in a movie, ‘John Taylor’s Prom Date.’ We can soon watch her work after the film releases in May 2022.

Does Sig Hansen’s Wife June Hansen have Cancer?

While Captain Sig Hansen himself suffers from various illnesses time and again, his wife June Hansen is also diagnosed with Cancer. Sig got this devastating news in July 2019 while filming for his show’s season 15 finale. June had Cancer on some part of her neck. The Hansen’s did not disclose more about the illness. June has now recovered from the life-challenging illness and is back to working on her business.

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