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Jake Harris is an expert fisherman and a reality television celebrity. He comes from several generations of fishermen. His father is Phil Harris, the captain of FV Cornelia Marie. Jake, his father, and his brother Josh appeared on the reality show Deadliest Catch. The show featured the lives of fishers in the Bering Sea as they catch king crabs. Please get to know Jake’s net worth, wife, and kids in his Wikipedia-type bio here.

Age and Early Life

The birth date of Jake Harris is October 23, 1985. As of 2021, he is 36 years old. He is a native of Seattle, Washington. The names of his parents are Phil and Mary Harris. His father is also a popular television personality as he is the captain of FV Cornelia Marie featured on the Deadliest Catch. Jake’s parents divorced in 1991 when he was still a kid. His father won the custody battle against their mother. Jake and his brother Josh grew up with their father after the divorce. Their father took him along on his fishing trips. The former Deadliest Catch star started as the bait boy on his father’s ship until he was promoted to a crew member.


Jake Harris Wikipedia Biography

The young fisherman did not get a college degree because he was so hooked on commercial fishing. He preferred to become successful in his career as a fisherman. Years later, Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel invited his father, brother, and himself to become part of the cast. The reality television series details the dangerous and exciting lives of crab fishermen. It follows their ship as it traverses the stormy waters of the Bering Sea.

Sadly, their father Phil Harris died in 2010 due to a massive stroke. Jake was not able to cope with his death and reverted to a life of drug addiction. His drug addiction caused him to leave the show in 2012. The struggling drug addict could never turn his life around and was imprisoned for DUI and heroin possession in 2019. He appeared in a few episodes of Deadliest Catch: Bloodline upon his release. Sadly, Jake was once again arrested for DUI and driving with a revoked license in May 2021.

Wife and Kids

Jake Harris has never been married and does not have any kids. He had an unidentified girlfriend in 2017. It was the same girlfriend who reported him to the authorities for stealing her car. The police arrested Jake Harris after his girlfriend filed charges against him. Upon his arrest, police also discovered Xanax and meth inside the stolen car.

Jake Harris with his Ex- girlfriend
Jake Harris with his Ex-girlfriend

Net Worth and Salary

The current net worth of Jake Harris for 2021 is $200,000. His work as a commercial crab fisherman and reality TV personality is his primary source of revenue. As of the moment, Jake is no longer working since he is in jail.

The television star has once again gotten on the wrong side of the law. He is now serving a sentence for four felony charges. This is not his first time to be imprisoned. The first one was in 2019 where he served a sentence of 18 months.

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