Jarrett Przybyszewski: Is He Married To Wife? Net Worth, Age, Wiki.

Jarrett Przybyszewski is a commercial fisherman and a reality television star. He is part of the cast of National Geographic’s Wicked Tuna. The skilled angler is the first mate of the ship Hot Tuna. The show features several local fishermen of Gloucester, Massachusetts, as they hunt for the elusive Bluefin Tuna. They compete against other fishing vessels to get the title of the top-earning vessel on the show.

Jarrett Przybyszewski Age

The birthdate of Jarrett Przybyszewski is January 18, 1983. As of 2021, he is 38 years old. He is a native of Key West Florida and grew up close to the sea. This explains his love for fishing.

Wiki Bio

There is no information about Jarrett’s educational background. It is not known if he got a college degree or even finished high school. He may be one of those men whose passion for fishing started at an early age, so they decided to forego getting a degree.

Instead, he may have chosen to focus on fishing. Commercial fishing in itself is a very lucrative career. The price of Bluefin Tuna is quite profitable in the market. Jarrett is the first mate of the fishing vessel named Hot Tuna. The ship sails under Captain TJ Ott. Hot Tuna first joined Wicked Tuna in Season 3 and remained part of the show until the present. Jarett came into the limelight when he found himself in a life-threatening situation on the show. A 15-foot high wave crashed into their boat and took him overboard. Luckily, he was able to surface, and his mates took him aboard.


Jarrett Przybyszewski Wife

Jarrett is still unmarried as of 2021. However, he is engaged to Felicia Astorino. The two exchanged their ring about 2 years back. The expert angler has remained secretive about the details of his love life and wedding plans. There are no details about their upcoming wedding. Fans can only expect that the wedding will happen anytime soon.


Net Worth and Salary

Jarrett Przybyszewski has a net worth of $200,000 as of 2021. He earns a salary of $10,000 per episode on Wicked Tuna. In addition, he also earns a share from the sales of the catch of his vessel Hot Tuna. The total profit of their catch is divided among its crew. Of course, the captain gets a more significant portion of the profit. The captain of the vessel also earns a higher salary per episode of the show.

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