Josh Harris from “Deadliest Catch” Wife, Net Worth, Wikipedia.

We know Josh Harris from the Discovery shows Deadliest Catch. He is the captain aboard the fishing vessel with one goal-to meet the daily fishing targets by catching seasonal crabs from the Bering Sea. In the show, Josh worked as a normal deckhand, doing the usual activities onboard.

Popularized by this Discovery Channel hit, he got a role in another documentary. We know Josh from his six seasons on the “After the Catch” show. Josh is not just the captain of Cornelia Marie’s fishing vessel, but he also owns the vessel. In addition, he also wrote the book ‘Legendary Crab Fisherman: Our Hero, Our Dad’ to honor his father.

Today, we will look at Josh’s family, wife, and net worth here in this Wikipedia-type biography.

Is Josh Harris from Deadliest Catch Married to wife?

There are rumors about Josh being married to a lovely wife. Josh isn’t married yet, so the closest person to being his wife would be Jenna. Amidst his busy schedules and responsibilities, Josh manages time for his girlfriend and two children. Josh has taken some interest in making Jenna Bulis his wife. But how far their relationship will go has to be seen.

Josh Harris with his girlfriend, Jenna and his children
Josh Harris with his girlfriend, Jenna, and his children

He has two daughters, Kinsley Ella Harris and Kayla Granese. They are seen quite often on board his ship and travel along. Given their lively relationship, it’s pretty unlikely that they will get married anytime soon. That aside, Josh hasn’t been in any other relationships so far.

Josh Harris Deadliest Catch Net Worth

Josh Harris spends most of his time on board and captures footage suitable for the show. Through Deadliest Catch and earnings, he has managed to acquire a fortune. Josh has an estimated net worth of $800,000 as of 2021.

A large portion of this comes from his work as a deckhand, via which he earns $150000 annually. Despite being in 147 episodes, he has recently become a captain, so his earnings will grow exponentially. At the time of writing this article, Josh’s net worth reached $1 million from crab fishing.

Wikipedia- Josh Harris

Josh was born on 18th March 1983 as Joshua Grant Harris. He grew up in a sailor environment, where catching and selling fish was the family business. His brother Jake also became a fisherman. That said, his childhood was far from being comfortable. Jake’s father, Phil, was a known addict and drug user. He spent most of his money on gambling and later abused his wife. Due to this, he was given an offer to divorce his wife for custody of his children.

Due to the strict upbringing, Josh’s father Phil also got into drugs and alcohol. However bad the situation was, there was indeed a way out. He studied at Monroe High School. Further, he inherited his father’s ship. This luxurious asset and skills of a fisherman that he inherited from his father paved the path for his success.

Josh Harris with his father, Phil and brother, Jake
Josh Harris with his father, Phil, and brother, Jake

In his childhood, Josh always dreamt of being free. Chasing freedom, he decided to become a captain, and his life started to become as accessible as tides flowing in an ocean. After his father’s unfortunate death due to stroke, Jake decided to sail out towards his ambitions.

Despite the horrible childhood he faced, Josh is very grateful towards his father. His book embarks upon his father’s journey as a captain on the high seas and his emotional moments. After spending a good portion of his life traveling onboard the ship, Josh started his tv career on 12 April 2005.

With his rising ambitions, he spent a portion of his wealth to repair Cornelia Marie and resumed his crab fishing. He haunts king crab and snow crab, but life doesn’t always go easy. The terrible weather at seas is nothing to look down at. Three of his crew members died on Mary B2, six died on Destination, and five died on Scandies Rose.

The death of his precious friends and crewmates is devastating, not only for him but for every captain in such a situation. However, he didn’t let go of the duties. He proved his worth as a captain at all times.

In the end, we hope you enjoyed knowing Josh Harris from his Wikipedia-based biography here.

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