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Sandro Maniaci is an American television personality and an expert fisherman. He is famous for his participation in the National Geographic reality show entitled Wicked Tuna. The show follows the lives of several fishers as they scour the seas for tuna. Sandro has been a part of the show for nine years. Dive in to get more ideas about the fisherman, including his net worth and relationship status.

Age and Early Life

The birthdate of Sandro Maniaci is November 22, 1986. He will be celebrating his 35th birthday this 2021. Although he lives in the United States, he is of British origin. The renowned commercial fisher comes from a family of fishermen. He grew up surrounded by several expert fishermen in the family, such as his father and uncle. At a young age, his father and uncle taught him the ropes of fishing. The family spent plenty of time fishing in ponds. His mother also took him to the docks so he could practice his fishing. They loved to watch as the local fishermen came in with their catch at the end of the day.

Sandro Maniaci Wiki Bio

Sandro’s commercial fishing career took off when he was introduced to Captain Dave Carraro by a mutual friend. The two went on an expedition to catch tuna. There they caught a humungous 1200 pound tuna. After that, Sandro was hired to become part of the crew of F/V

Soon after, National Geographic invited them to become part of the show Wicked Tuna. The fishing industry has recognized the accomplished fisherman for his work. He won the Bluefin Blowout tournament in Gloucester, Massachusetts. His winning fish weighed an astounding 900 pounds. Aside from being a television celebrity and commercial fisherman, Sandro is also an entrepreneur. He owns the clothing line called Big Tuna Apparel.

Sandro Maniaci on wicked tuna
An American television personality, Sandro Maniaci

Sandro Maniaci Net Worth and Salary

The net worth of Sandro Maniaci for 2021 is $350,000. His income comes mainly from his salary as a cast member of the show Wicked Tuna. He earns a salary of $10,000 per episode from the show. In addition, he also earns an annual income of $30,000 from his job on Tuna Boat under Captain Dave Carraro. Sandro also earns from his clothing business.

Wife and Kids

Sandro Maniaci is still single and has no kids from any past relationship. However, when browsing his social media posts, it is obvious that he currently has a girlfriend. The identity of his beloved is not revealed. The television celebrity has been posting several vacation photos together with his girlfriend through the years.

Sandro Maniaci with his current Girlfriend
Sandro Maniaci and his current Girlfriend

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