TJ Ott Weight Loss Detail and Net Worth

TJ Ott, also referred to as the Big Guy by his friends and loved ones is a TV personality. He is a professional fisherman and captain of a fishing ship on the series ‘Wicked Tuna.‘ The Nat Geo show follows the journey of fishermen as they fish for Tuna. After TJ Ott started losing a significant portion of his weight, many fans noticed and asked questions.

In this article, we discuss TJ Ott’s weight-loss details and his net worth.

TJ Ott Weight Loss Journey

Fans remember TJ Ott to be a big, bulky guy weighing over 170 kgs, well over 375 pounds. However, in recent years, TJ has been losing weight continuously. For this, TJ had to go with some changes in his food habits and exercise schedules.

First, he made changes to his diet which resulted in over 30 kgs or 65 pounds worth of weight loss. For this, he lowers the intake of drinks and refined foods as well as carbohydrates. This lifestyle was a significant part of his weight loss journey.

Images of TJ Ott after and before of weight loss
TJ Ott Weight Loss

Continuing this food change, he then started going to the gym to keep his physical stats on balance. He has moved to his healthy food and regular exercise plan for a while and keeps it.

The overall journey has resulted in a significant weight loss for TJ, which is very visible compared to his old images. When he joined the competitive fishing show, he weighed almost 175 kgs. This massive weight was a giant hindrance he had to overcome, both for his profession and health. And TJ has been quite successful at this so far.

TJ Ott Net Worth and Salary

TJ has gathered a lot of wealth from his tv career and his profession. As of 2021, his net worth has reached $2 million. He owns a ship named The Hot Tuna. Many consider Hot Tuna the best fishing boat they’ve ever seen.

Onboard, he runs one of the most successful fishing businesses with his crew. His skills as a fisherman are unrivaled, which he displays on the North Atlantic Ocean.

TJ Ott with casting member of Wicked Tuna
TJ Ott with casting member of Wicked Tuna

Since 2012, TJ started working in the National Geographic Hits- Wicked Tuna. This show about competing against rival fishermen to generate the biggest profits by fishing for bluefin tuna made TJ quite famous. He earns $100,000 per episode. As he has been in the show since its first debut, he has earned a considerable sum of money from the tv show itself.

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