TJ Ott Wife: Are TJ and Marissa Still Together in 2021?

Fishing expeditions seem nice and calm until it’s in the middle of the most dangerous ocean. The National Geographic adventure-thriller series ‘Wicked Tuna’ will take you to the depths of reality, where accidents and mishaps occur daily.

One interesting cast on the show is TJ Ott, a commercial fisherman and a boat captain specializing in catching Tuna. Recently, rumors took over the media about TJ Ott and fellow cast Marissa’s relationship. Even though they belong to rival teams, the duo shares chemistry that the fans just adore. 

This article discusses TJ and Marissa’s relationship and finds out if the fisherman captain has a wife.

Are TJ Ott and Marissa Still Together?

Wicked Tuna Outer Banks revolves around the bluefin tuna generally. Moreover, it equally adds flame to the relationship between the couples onboard. The fan-favorite shipping onboard with the slightest hint of romantic interest makes the show that much interesting among the fan base.

For a long while, this has been true to the rivalry between captain TJ Ott and Marissa, which the fanbase perceives as a romantic relationship. Marissa Mclaughlin, who usually goes by the name Merm in the show, is on her brother Captain Tyler’s Mclaughlin’s ship.

TJ Ott and his girlfrend, Marissa
TJ Ott and his girlfriend, Marissa

Outer Banks started in June of 2020, and it started the dating life between the two as well. Before this point, there was no evidence to link the two conclusively. It just means how secretively they have conducted their love affairs till now.

However, TJ slipped an important fact that leaked it out. After TJ got the new dog, he shared this with his fans. In his description, we find that TJ, with his girlfriend Merm, decided to take a new dog home. And for the fans eagerly waiting for a long time for the news, this acts as a confirmation.

Is TJ Ott Married to a Wife or dating a Girlfriend?

TJ Ott is not in a marital relationship. In the show, we can see TJ and Marissa talking frankly. They give off hints of being in a relationship quite often, trying to keep the speculations low. Behind the camera, they are definitely dating.

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